pro_feminist network Berlin

pro_feminist network Berlin

Deutsche Version: pro_feministisches Netzwerk Berlin

Read our Lese unseren call to form a pro_feminist Network in Berlin (from 21st of August 2020).

The pro_feminist Network Berlin (profem030) is a network open to all genders. The aims of our work are

  1. Support feminist groups and actions by taking over reproductive tasks;
  2. Create a network between interested pro_feminist groups and individuals; and
  3. Critically engage with masculinities, sexism and pro_feminism.

We are open to all genders and also invite particularly men who want to critically work with their masculinity and support feminist struggles. If you are part of this city, contact us and get involved!

pro_feminist Network Berlin: Participate and let’s work together

We want to organize small network-meetings, to get involved with other men to start pro-feminist work in critical masculinity groups. We have more ideas and are open to new ones. We need people who want to work actively on these topics.

At the moment we have regular organizational meetings, are planning first events and started cooperations. We are always looking for interested people who want to participate. We are also interested in contacts with feminist groups who want to work with us. If you are interested in joining our telegram group or mailing list, or have a support request, or whatever please send us a mail (contact form below).

Why the pro_feminist Network Berlin was created

Profem030 was created in the beginning of 2020 to organize cis men and support feminist groups that were created after the incidents of sexualized violence at Monis Rache-Fesitval. In the course of that events feminist groups called on cis men to do pro_feminist work. Suggestions were to take a critical look at masculinities and support feminist struggles. This should be done by doing reproductive tasks for feminist structures, taking over emotional labor in relationships and critically work on yourself, our masculinites and engage with other men on these topics.

Discriminating structures are also in place in politically left spaces like Monis Rache-Fesitval. There is a need for a critical reflection of privileges including masculinites. The creation of safer spaces should not be a burden of those most affected by violence. Many of the participants of the first profem030 meetings were concerned about how to support feminist struggles as a cis men. Discussed questions include: What is reproductive labor and how can men get engaged? How should I react, if people tell me about their experiences with discrimination? How do I deal with sexist thoughts and acts from myself and those in my environment?

In the following weeks the support of the FLINT*-only demonstration was planned and carried out. Various possibilities of pro_feminist involvement were discussed. And a first space for critical reflection on one’s own masculinity was created. Due to the Corona pandemic these regular meetings came to an end in March. Since summer 2020 we started our work again and decided to create a network and support structure. Aim is to involve men in pro_feminist work in the long run.

Read our Lese unseren call to form a pro_feminist Network in Berlin (from 21st of August 2020).

Contact the pro_feminist network Berlin

Currently our meetings are mainly in German. However, our aim includes to connect groups and individuals and work on topics related to feminism and men. We would like to form a network between these groups for exchange and joint actions. At the moment we need people who really want to get involved. If you want to get involved in English (or possibly also other languages), please let us know. We are open to ideas and also meetings in English. An option would certainly be to form an English speaking group for the reflection of your masculinity.

You want to be added to out mailing list and/or Telegram-group? Or you want to let us know how you can get involved? Send us a mail:

    We are a pro_feminist group. Anti-feminist positions are not tolerated. So far we have only some basic rules (in German) here.

    I am sorry. This blog on critical masculinity is only available in German. But there is much more stuff in Englisch out there in the internet. Maybe start at

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